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Being a Bronzed Babe

Hello Bronzed Babes

It's official! I'm blogging!!

I few of you have asked me to write in more details about spray tanning, products, business, etc. so we are going to give this blog thing a try! What better in my first post than to talk about Bronzed Babe. Bronzed Babe is a Mobile Only Airbrush Tanning Service. What does mobile mean? Let me explain. Mobile means you get a VIP custom service of spray tanning in your own home! Just like a Kardashian. The service is performed in a pop up tent, so that your house doesn't get sprayed, and then you're free to walk around naked if that's what your heart desires! Yes, dreams really do come true.

The benefits of doing mobile tanning vs. salon tanning are pretty simple: you don't have to travel anywhere, no need to find childcare, flexibility of schedule, don't worry about traffic, no transit that risks the damage of your tan, absolute privacy, don't worry about parking, the list goes on and on. I always try to keep my schedule flexible and accommodating

so that anyone who wants to be a Bronzed Babe, can be!

If you haven't experience a mobile spray tan, or a spray tan with Bronzed Babe, what are you waiting for?? Let's tan today!!



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