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How does spray tanning work?

The solution contains a compound referred to as DHA. This compound reacts to exposed skin cells to stain and change their color, creating a "tan" appearance. Derived from natural ingredients BBTanning only uses blends are Paraben free, gluten free and formaldehyde free (No DMDM Hydantoin). Our product does NOT contain any parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals or gluten and has been tested on happy clients instead of animals

How long will my spray tan last?

The average life of a spray tan is 7-10 days before significant fading. This is due to your bodies natural skin regeneration cycle. When your body produces "new" skin and the old skin comes off and your tan will come off with it. Following prep and aftercare instructions for your spray tan will assist in the preservation of your tan. When your skin begins it's "shedding" cycle, you can assist the tan removal by exfoliating the dead skin regularly.


The average timeline for full tan removal is 10-14 days. 

How many days in advance should I do my spray tan before a special event or occasion?

We recommend 1-2 days in advance before any special event to do your spray tan. You want the tan to be fresh however you also want your skin to be fully rinsed and your pores to be clean of any left over bronzer. If your pores are not completely cleaned and rinsed, some bronzer may remain and transfer on to your clothing. 

What is the Difference between Express and Standard Solution?

Rinse Time. 

The standard solution has a reommended 8 hour rinse time (can be left overnight but should be rinsed by the 12th hour), the Express can be rinsed anywhere between 1-4 hours depending on color preference desired. 

There is no difference in the quality, color, or longevity between the two solutions. ONLY the rinse time and convenience. It is up to client preference what solution is used and the recommendation of your spray tan professional. 

What do I wear during my spray tan?

Whatever you're comfortable with! My job is all about making YOU comfortable. The most common is fully nude or with a small pair of underwear, the choice is yours! Keep in mind where the location of your tan lines will be as well as what design they're going to produce afterwards.

Can I go in the pool or ocean with my spray tan?

Yes, you may go in the pool with your spray tan however...chlorine is a bleaching agent and will dry and bleach your spray tan. It will not remove the tan completely however it will cause significant fading. We recommend that you rinse your skin right away and dry off after exiting the pool. Allowing the chlorine or salt water to dry in the sun on your skin will cause drying and cracking of the tan. 


Ask us about our tan extender lotion!

Will my spray tan be orange?

No, you will not have an orange spray tan. We will discuss extensively prior to your appointment about the color desired and darkness level you want to achieve. We will discuss all possible outcomes as well as what will look the most natural for you. 

Do I still have to wear sunscreen if I have a spray tan?

No, your spray tan does not protect you from UV rays. You should ALWAYS wear sunscreen and protect your skin at all times. Ask us about our recommended sunscreen products!

Can I get a spray tan if i'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Bronzed Babe only uses the best products with the most natural ingredients. You should always consult your doctor however, spray tanning in safe for pregnant and breastfeeding clients. We will always take extra precautions to ensure your and your baby's safety.

What are the best skin products to use after my spray tan?

We always keep in stock the best products for your spray tan (body wash, body lotion, and tan extender). We recommend using products that do not contain mineral oil. Any heavily scented products such as Victoria Secret or Bath&Body Works are not recommended. Brands like Eucerin, Hempz, Burts Bees, or Lush are preferred. 

*Avoid all Dove brand products*

How do I make an appointment?

There are several ways to book an appointment! Call, Text, Email, Facebook, Instagram, or Online Booking! Visit the Contact section on our Home Page for more details!

Will a spray tan fix my tan lines?

Although a spray tan is great for disguising tan lines, it is not a 100% fix. The outcome will largely depend on the difference in skin tones as well as the design on the lines. We will always do our absolute best to give you an even tan, however tan lines can not always be completely disguised. 

Can I still get a spray tan if I'm sunburned or peeling?

Sun damage is a spray tans worst enemy. If you have a visible sunburn or have had a sunburn within the last 2 weeks that caused any type of skin damage, you are risking accentuating that area by spray tanning over it. You may book an appointment at your own risk however if during the spray we notice application issues due to sun damage, we will not warranty the outcome of the tan. 

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