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Clear Solution Vs. Bronzer Solution

Updated: May 30, 2023

It's not a secret that when you get a spray tan...BAM you're tan

What causes this instant tan- Cosmetic Bronzer

It's a common misconception that the cosmetic bronzer actually creates your tan, it ONLY works as a staining agent that provides a temporary color after your first rinse. Depending on the types of products you use and how hot your showers are, the cosmetic bronzer only lasts a few days.

So what actually causes your skin to "tan"?


This is a compound that creates a reaction with the amino acids in your skin cells to turn from "less pigmented" to "more pigmented".

DHA is required to create the tan appearance in your skin for "fake tanning". Cosmetic Brzoner is not.

There are many benefits to using a solution that does not contain a cosmetic bronzer- this is what we call a "clear" solution. It is a product that only contains DHA, and no additional color for a staining agent.

One of the most loved benefits is that it will not transfer onto your clothes, sheets, or other people. Perfect for brides who are wearing white and mothers who do not want to worry about transferring tan onto their kids.

The solution is also Alcohol free which is less drying on our skin and can product a more even result.

Clients with eczema or dry skin can benefit significantly from clear solution.

The solution overall feels less tacky on your skin and does produce a more natural looking color. Some will classify this as a "lighter" color however when you read my description's not actually lighter it just doesn't contain the additional staining agent that lasts a few days.

We offer the clear solution in all DHA percentages as well as an Express Formula.

For a more natural color that's easier to manage post spray- Book Your Clear Tan TODAY!

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