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Every Body Can Get A Spray Tan

Being in the business of boosting confidence, I hear a lot that someone "can't get a spray tan" because of their shape, size, age, or skin color. At Bbtanning we encourage ALL BODIES to come in and get a spray tan!

Spray tanning is a form of art where we transform your skin into achieving the bright confident glow from within. Whether you're coming in to achieve a dark tan or a light natural glow, every babe can be a bronzed babe.

It's common to be nervous, dressing down in front of a stranger and becoming vulnerable for the price of beauty can be extremely intimidating. Not to mention spray tans get a bad rep for being orange etc etc etc the list goes on. We've heard it all! Your skin color, skin folds, and wrinkles do not hold us back from achieving the perfect glow for you! Bronzed Babe is a master certified company with over 5 years in experience, we have learned the tips and tricks of the trade over the years that can take your tanning experience from bland to BAM! Whether you've had a previously bad experience or you're a first time client we treat everyone the same! We encourage you to let your guard down and experience the fantastic confidence boost that goes hand in hand with a Bronzed Babe Tan.

Just because you're getting a fake tan doesn't mean you need to look fake! Our experience and artist skills can achieve the most natural color for you and your skin tone. If you're not convinced, come in and try one for yourself! The only spray tan you'll regret, is the one you didn't get with Bronzed Babe

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1 Comment

Ricardo Blase
Ricardo Blase
Dec 25, 2021

100% Agree! When I first got into the business I was told that certain people should NOT spray tan. This is ridiculous. If you have a quality solution and select the proper color for your client, you can deliver outstanding results to anyone.

Thank you BB Tanning for the very impressive BLOG. You share outstanding tips and info!



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