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Spray Tanning for Vacation've read all of our prep and aftercare instructions and now you're worried about the longevity of your tan since you're going on a tropical vacation and plan on living in the pool.


The unfortunate reality of a spray tan is that it's not permanent. Yes, we wish we could be golden goddesses FOREVER but that is not our reality. Reality is, that spray tan will come off and there are certain elements that will expedite that process. Elements such as humidity, sweating, long soaking in water, and exfoliation. Our skin cells are just READY to flake off in this type of exposure and they're taking your spray tan color with them!

  1. Ocean- salt water can dry out the skin and cause the appearance of "cracking"

  2. Pools- contain chlorine and other drying/bleaching chemicals that will lighten your color and also dry out the skin.

  3. Humidity- causes moist skin and sweating, combined with possible clothing friction can cause skin exfoliation.

So you may be asking, how can this be avoided??

Truth is, it can't be avoided. Your skin cells are meant to regenerate and exfoliate over time. But what we can do is add more color.


  1. Tan extender- full body lotion formula with a small amount of color that can be used every 3-4 days on top of an airbrush tan to keep color fresh and looking new

  2. Gradual Tanner- full body lotion formula with a moderate amount of color to be applied to the skin without a spray tan as a form of self tanning HOWEVER can be used lightly on top of a spray tan to add additional color. Highly recommended for vacations with a lot of humidity and water exposure.

  3. Self Tanning Mousse- full body self tanning formula that adds professional color to the skin. Recommended to use for tans needing to last longer than 2-3 weeks.

In addition to proper prep and aftercare, the self tanning products can add color and extended the life of your spray tan 2 weeks and beyond. Use them for vacation or just because you want to get your moneys worth on a bomb spray tan.



Wearing a bikini and taking lots of pictures with friends and loved would not catch me without some color. So get the spray tan girl, it may not be PERFECT for the entire duration of your trip but we can help you get through it with some color and still feeling confident.

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