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Welcome the BBTanning Team!

It was time, bbtanning has finally expanded our team!

I've you been a client for a while or follow us on Instagram, you're familiar with seeing me, Ashley, the owner, operator, and face of Bronzed Babe Tanning. Prepare yourself to see a few new faces.

Why did we expand?

After being in business for 8 years, (wow, time flies) we have been more booked and busier than ever before! I pride myself on the brand I have built solo from the ground up. It goes without saying that this business is my baby. It truly means so much to me that some clients I've had since day one, I still have. I've been with these clients while they were single, dating, engaged, married, and now having 1,2,3 kids of their own. Being a part of all your special moments in life has truly meant so much to me, words do not come close to describing what an honor it's been.

As most of you can imagine, running a business is not for the weak of heart. The day to day physical component doesn't compare to all the behind the scenes work that goes down. As my business has expended so has the work and mental load behind the scenes. I knew it was time to enlist some physical help in the studio when I regularly started turning away repeat clients. My schedule what too full to accommodate everyone and I never want any of my clients to go without a spray tan because of my lack of availability. You deserve that glow!!

Finding the perfect bb girls:

Finding spray tan artists to bring into the studio was not an easy task. My expectation was not to find anyone with nearly the type of experience I had, but instead to find a few girls that I knew all my clients would love and who were easily trainable. Luckily, I was successful in finding two new bbtanning girls to join the team. For two months, we trained and trained and trained. Through online certification courses and many in person trial spray tans, Alexandra and Bianca thrived.

Who are the new bbtanning spray tan artists?


Alexandra is a licensed esthetician who came to the bbtanning team with some spa trained spray tanning experience. She is also a small business owner who is in the beginning stages of growing her own brand doing facials and waxing services. She has worked at several prominent spa locations on the peninsula and is a local to Monterey County. She prides herself in phenomenal customer service as well as making each and every one of her clients feel comfortable and special regardless of the service she's providing. You can book with Alexandra in studio Monday-Thursday by appointment only.


Bianca is a newly trained spray tan artist who took to spray tanning so naturally I knew she was going to be the perfect fit. She is also a small business owner and working on growing her own brand a Belle Ame Teeth Whitening in Salinas. She has amazing attention to detail and is perfect at communicating with all clients about their desired results. As a mom, Bianca knows exactly how had it is to find time for yourself and prioritize self care. She knows that a little self love and a little spray tan can go a long way. You can book with Bianca in studio Tuesday and Friday mornings!

Let's wrap it up

Long story short, I am extremely grateful for every single client that trusts us with their spray tan. Alexandra and Bianca have been trained by me to provide you with a gorgeous spray tan when I'm not available. As we trend into the very busy summer months, book with one of my spray tan artists with confidence knowing that I wouldn't trust them with your spray tan if I didn't whole heartedly believe they're fully capable of providing you with the same exceptional bbtanning service. With that being said... Alexandra and Bianca are their own people. Just like when you get any other type of beauty service: everyone has their own style. Their style will be different than mine but that does not diminish the quality of their work.

Thank you for all the love, and for all the love for the new bb girls



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