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Skin Prepping Perfection

Lets chat about skin prep babes!

Of course I have detailed out all of my prep instructions under the "instructions" tab on my website, however...I have run in to some clients who feel these are more suggestions rather than instructions.


These are the instructions I have built over the years that I believe to yield the best result for applying and keeping your spray tan. There are some conflicting opinions in regards to prep however I have spent much time researching and testing, which is why I pass along this information to my clients.

One of the biggest prep mistakes is the timing of your skin prep.

Timing is very important babes!! When you prep your skin has a lot to do with the success of the spray tan application. You want to prep your skin around 24 hours before your appointment. The skin must be fresh enough to keep your spray tan lasting but also not freshly prepped so that there are any barriers on your skin. I have a lot of clients who schedule night time appointments. This is great because then you can allow your spray tan to set overnight while you sleep and that leaves very little time for it to come in contact with damaging things. If you're going to spray tan in the evening, the best time to prep your skin is either the night before or the morning of. Its very important once you prep your skin that you do not apply any barriers afterwards. Barriers include things like deodorant, makeup, lotion, sunscreen, or perfume. Of course i'm not going to tell you guys you can't wear makeup and deodorant to work, however just make sure it's fully removed before your appointment. Avoid adding things like lotion or perfume because those full body application items are harder to remove from your skin without taking another shower before your appointment.

There are several things that can go wrong if you prep your skin right before your appointment, we're talking within two hours. Shaving right before your appointment removes the skin in a "line" pattern and that can cause lines in your spray tan. If you're using a razor with a moisture strip this can also create a barrier on your skin, make sure to exfoliate AFTER shaving if you're using one of these razors. Using things like shave gel or shaving cream that contains alcohol can dry out your skin severely and either create a barrier to the spray tan or limited absorption of the product. If you decide to wash your body during skin prep right before your spray tan, soap residue can produce a "spotty" look of your spray tan. This includes shampooing and conditioning your hair, residue that runs down your back can create a spray tan barrier. If you take a hot shower before your spray tan, the pores on your body will be more open and therefore collect the spray tan bronzer which will accentuate your pores.

Prep instructions that are followed 12-24 hours prior to your spray tan should avoid most of these issues. Of course any residue left over on your skin can still remain for days at a time, but an exfoliating shower to expose your fresh skin should create the perfect canvas for your spray tan applications.

Once again...these are instructions NOT suggestions.

Please follow as best as possible for the best possible outcome.

Stay Bronzed, babes



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